'Lady Macbeth' backer Creative England reveals iFeatures shortlist
Move over Paul Newman…there’s some new egg eaters in town.
Love of Data - 'The Goob'
Money, Money, Money....



Producer Sarah Cox on making an iFeatures film »

Sarah Cox tells us about her experience of producing one of the original iFeatures films '8 Minutes Idle'


Field Notes from Transylvania »

Peter Strickland gives his, very personal, account of making his first feature far from his native land.


On Development »

Development is a great leap into the dark, but at least we're in it together.


Low Budget Inspiration »

Everyday from now until the submissions deadline, on 8th May, we're going to suggest a film as inspiration for your low budget stories.


iF on Film »

Whilst making my first short films, whilst bunking of law lectures, whilst working as a runner, and now as I produce films there as always been one essential thing, without which I would have middle little progress.


Producer Finlay Pretsell tells us about his recent recce for 'Norfolk' »

Finlay Pretsell tells us about his recent recce for iFeatures2 project 'Norfolk'


Welcome to Norfolk....Week 1, Moving In »

'Norfolk' Production Secretary Catriona Dickie tells us about the logistics of moving the cast and crew to Norfolk in the run up to the shoot.


The Goob’s base camp – week 0, pre-production »

Laia Senserrich of Emu Films talks about 'The Goob' pre-production phase and moving everyone to Norfolk.

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