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An aimless twenty-year-old tries to make sense of where he’s going, yet the one thing he wants, is the only thing holding him back.




Fray is an aimless twenty-year-old stray, stuck in a dead-end job in Swindon. He seems to have nothing except a love of ice hockey and two best friends whom he’s know since school; Aidan and Aidan’s girlfriend Belle. Despite Aidan and Belle providing the only home Fray’s known since leaving care three years ago, he decides to leave by secretly trying to join the navy. However, when his plan is discovered, a confrontation changes everything. Fray’s real reason for escape becomes clear and the common bond between them may never be the same again.


Matthew Murdoch (Writer/Director)

Matthew is a graduate of The Royal College of Art where his practice focused on non-fiction films that explore the emotional nature of being. Matthew's film Being There (2004) was selected for distribution by Film & Video Umbrella as part of a UK touring programme of British Artists’ Film & Video called Single-Shot, which opened at Tate Britain in 2007. The film was also later selected for an international touring programme called Figuring Landscapes that opened at Tate Modern in 2009. Matthew has also been nominated for the Adobe Design Achievement Award for Live Action Film (2006) and was awarded the Runner-up prize for Best British Short at the London Short Film Festival 2006 (Fence, 2004).

In 2010 Matthew received directing development and training at the Branchage Film Festival Director’s Lab. In 2013 he attended the In_Script screenwriter’s workshop with Jan Fliescher. Matthew has recently focussed his attention on making short films that explore relationships and the consequences of love; Anonymous (2012) starring Amanda Drew and most recently The Batsman and the Ballerina (2015) starring Tom Cullen.

You can watch the trailer for The Batsman and the Ballerina below. 

Lisa James (Producer)

Lisa has worked with artists producing films for prestigious galleries and museums internationally for over 11 years. Working with Mark Lewis, she produced several of his film's which have been selected for The Berlin International Film Festival, The 68th Venice Film Festival, Vancouver Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival.
Since 2005 Lisa has worked with the Turner prizewinner Gillian Wearing producing many of her film works including Snapshot and We Are Here (2014).

In 2015 Lisa produced the creative feature documentary Disaster Playground which was shot on location at NASA and The SETI Institute. Disaster Playground was officially selected at SXSW, Sheffield International Documentary Festival, CPH Dox, Docville and screened at The BFI Southbank and is distributed by Filmbuff. 

Galleries that have exhibited work she's produced include; Centre Pompidou, Van Abbemuseum, Vancouver Art Gallery, Le Bal Paris, Regen Projects, Maureen Paley, The Australian Center for Contemporary Art, Daniel Faria Gallery and Tanya Bonakdar.

Visit the website for Disaster Playground here.


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