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Dorm Life - 'The Goob'

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Dorm Life - 'The Goob'

I arrived at the Red Lion in Castle Acre a week before we began shooting and was greeted by a very charismatic member of the production team called Tom Hardiman. Tom briefly showed me up to my dorm before leaving me on my own to pick some people up from the local train station, which is conveniently located 40 minutes away from Castle Acre.

The next member of the team I was lucky enough to meet was our super cool location manager Lucinda Spurrier. Who is also staying in the dorm.

Our other permanent residents are Alex Hulsey (Directors Assistant), Dec Hardy (Art Department) and Deepa Keshvala (Camera Trainee).

There are certain unwritten rules in the dorm. Tom is always the first up and in the shower, closely followed by Lucinda. After her there are 4 identical alarm clocks going off at the same time that nobody seems to take responsibility for until 5 minutes before we need to leave. Then somehow the remaining four of us, plus anyone else who decided to crash at the dorm, manage to get showered and ready to leave just in time.

Due to the action packed script, it’s been all hands on deck since I turned up. Thankfully we have a crew who are passionate about the project and prepared to go the extra mile.

Although there are plenty of uncertainties like, who is using my toothpaste and shower gel every morning and who might decide to crash at the dorm each night, there are some things you can be sure of  - however tough the day ahead seems, we will always come back to the Red Lion with some great footage and laugh ourselves to sleep about the days events!

 Danny Groombridge – Runner – The Goob



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