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'Norfolk' - final countdown to the shoot....

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'Norfolk' - final countdown to the shoot....

Film. It’s a lifestyle.

And we like.

This week chez Norfolk Film (note the subtle use of French there, it’s a clue naturellement), anyway this week in the film production hotspot that is Wroxham & Hoveton; our lead actor arrived, followed swiftly by the bouncy soled footsteps of yet another of our cast. They’re awesome, and we’re all a little bit, make that a lot, delighted.

The very next day, after settling them in and showing them the sights and sounds of Norwich and the Norfolk countryside – more gently rolling round this way rather than flat, ah ha – they headed over to a country cottage to rehearse with our director Martin Radich and shake their inhibitions away with our voice coach Ruth Dennis. Nothing quite says ‘rehearsal’ like a gorgeous summer’s day, standing barefoot in the garden with a bunch of suspicious sheep staring at you whilst you attempt to make siren noises through your nose. Apparently sheep make the best critics because everyone arrived back at production HQ happy, relaxed and smiling. Which made us smile too.

Next day, a very brave girl, who’d been street cast in King’s Lynn only the week before, came along to the office to have her head shorn. Some people can carry that off and we’re all extremely relieved to say – she’s one. She looks gorgeous! Natalie Portman watch out!

As this was happening, and locks were tumbling to the floor, the main crew headed off on an epic final recce of the local countryside. Fields were tramped, rivers were forged and everyone ate rather a lot of crisps and bananas. Not your most common of food groupings but seemingly much liked by all – possibly a famous crisp brand should take note?

But. Time has run out now, this has been our final week of prep, on Tuesday the shoot starts for real.

Sacre bleu!




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