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'The Goob' - Week 2 - "The Puch"...

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'The Goob' - Week 2 -

If there is one prop that embodies the spirit of The Goob it's "The Puch". The Puch is a 2HP Austrian made moped popular around Europe in the 70's and 80's. The correct pronunciation seems to be lost to scholars as each crew member has come up with their own personal pronunciation, including (but not limited to): Pooch, Puck, Pock, Pook, Pughk. Even though the little beast has a throaty purr, she maxes out around thirty miles an hour, twenty if you are riding double. While on board it feels like a heavy bicycle with low pedals and a surprisingly comfy leather seat. To get started you have to pedal the crap out of it for about twenty yards, pull the throttle at just the right time, while giving it some gas. The Puch will cough and sputter out if you don't hit it just right but when she takes off, oh my is it sweet. Some of the crew have managed to develop a magic-touch relationship, while others (myself included) require a ten try, five minute, sweaty pedalling ordeal to earn our freedom. 

For our lead character, The Puch symbolizes adolescent freedom, the few moments in life where he holds complete control over his destiny. Any crew member who has had the pleasure of zooming around on Pooch, Puck, Pock, or however you want to call it, will agree that there are very few things that could make you happier than hitting on open Norfolk road on a sunny day with this little hog.

Making a film can be a hard journey, luckily you get moments like this one, Producer Lee Groombridge (pictured) riding the Puch for the first time...

 Alex Hulsey – Director’s Assistant ‘The Goob’



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