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Everyday from now until the submissions deadline, on 8th May, we're going to suggest a film as inspiration for your low budget stories.We have no predetermined ideas of the types of stories we're looking for. We ask only that they imaginatively capture a sense of time and place in England, and that they can be realised on budgets of £350,000. They can be genre or arthouse. They can be sci fi or drama. The one common element of all the stories, that we hope to see submitted, should be that they are stories of England, whether that portrays the nature of the Yorkshire Moors or modern urban life in Manchester is up to you. 

The films we pick out are not examples that we want to see copy catted, they are merely intended to spark imagination and to challenge the notion of what a low budget story of England can be. 

The films that make up the list range from the most contemporary of low budget stories, both British and international, back to the cinematic movement of the British New Wave. Against such a range of choice it's been hard to choose the film that should begin the list, but in the end it made sense to pick a film that was made on a budget comparable to the iFeatures budgets. A film which in the last twelve months has reached out across continents. A film that showed the most extraordinary confidence from a first time director. A film that announced a great new acting talent. A film that showed us what a group of creative spirits could do. More than anything a film that has raised the bar for us all in low budget film making.

It's one of our favourite films of last year, called Martha Marcy May Marlene, and some of you might still be able to catch it in cinemas now. 

Can this inspire stories of England?

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